Psyche Inspired: Ranger Liu

Institution: Columbia University

Major: Astrophysics & Computer Science

Psyche Inspired Class: 2021-2022

SPACEROCK: Music From a Metal World

Ranger Liu

November 12, 2021

Major: Astrophysics & Computer Science

Genre/Medium: Experimental instruments and computer music (MaxMSP, Python, Arduino Uno/Feather/Teensy, magnetometer + stepper motors, misc. electrical components, posterboard + acrylic paint, wire + ball bearings, Logic/Premiere/Photoshop)

About the work: SPACEROCK: Music from a Metal World” is an ensemble of four experimental computer music instruments, each inspired by one of the science instruments on the Psyche spacecraft. It plays music according to composition information extracted from an image, and it uses its own custom 16-note scale! Read more…

Full video here.

Listen to full song here.

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