Psyche Inspired: Mikayla Hymanson

Institution: Bowdoin College

Major: Graphic Design

Psyche Inspired Class: 2020-2021

A sculpture of the Psyche asteroid hangs on a wall blue wall. The sculpture is made out of wood and black circular nail caps, which form two large craters. The nail caps also form Psyche's ridges and shadows.

The Metal Asteroid

Mikayla Hymanson

December 29, 2020

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: nails, nail caps, plywood

About the work: “The Metal Asteroid” is a sculpture of Psyche that is composed of nails and nail caps. The 3 ft. tall sculpture is meant to represent how Psyche might look. Because Psyche is hypothesized to be likely largely made out of metal, I used a variety of metal nails to mimic this proposed composition. The circular nail caps were arranged to form Psyche’s most notable features and shadows. Using pointillism techniques, “The Metal Asteroid” can be viewed as abstract from up close or from afar, where the nail caps come together to form a complete view of the asteroid. To get the full effect of the sculpture, it is mocked up as hanging on a wall.

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A 3D mockup of vinyl album artwork inspired by the Psyche mission. The word

Psyche on Vinyl

Mikayla Hymanson

December 7, 2020

Major: Graphic Design

Genre/Medium: digital art, Illustrator, Photoshop

About the work: The Psyche spacecraft will soon enough give us better insight into what the composition of the Psyche asteroid. In my concept artwork for an album inspired by Psyche’s unique qualities, the silhouette of the spacecraft acts as a window into space, mirroring how the mission will allow us to learn more about the possibly metallic asteroid. The sphere of colored layers behind the spacecraft represents how going to Psyche may reveal information on how the earth’s core was formed billions of years ago. Along with the album artwork, I created a Spotify playlist of songs relating to the Psyche mission and everything space.

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Psyche Inspired

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Psyche Inspired