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Psyche Inspired: Joyce Tsui

Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara

Major: Art with an EMPHASIS in Painting

Psyche Inspired Class: 2019-2020

In 2026

Joyce Tsui

November 8, 2019

Major: Art studies

Genre/Medium: Modeling Paste and Acrylics on Wood Panel

About the work: During 2026, the spacecraft will finally be within Psyche’s orbit and be able to capture detailed images of it. In the future, I imagine we’ll be learning and seeing the asteroid in planetariums. Therefore, I illustrated a person filled with amazement and awe looking through the planetarium’s telescope at the Psyche asteroid. Psyche is surrounding by other asteroids in an abstracted galaxy. While Mars is in the distance, Jupiter is up close next to the metal asteroid.

Using modeling paste gives the asteroid dimensions outside the panel and mimics the proposed surface texture of the Psyche asteroid.

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