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Hall Thruster Database – ASU (IT)


Arizona State University (IT)


Cobalt Class (2019 – 2020)


Matthew Bennett, Information Technology
Thomas Casey, Information Technology
Hudson Wisler, Information Technology


Dr. Damien Doheny, Undergraduate Program Chair and Lecturer, Polytechnic School of Information Technology Programs, ASU


The Psyche spacecraft will utilize an electric propulsion system composed of a set of Hall effect thrusters (HETs) in order to enable the spacecraft to reach the asteroid and maintain each of its science orbits. On the ground, HETs are tested in large vacuum facilities in order to simulate space conditions and these tests result in published studies, reports, and datasets. Teams are performing a survey of published literature in order to identify existing Hall thruster systems and relevant specifications (i.e., TRL, power level, performance metrics, etc.) and compiling these data into a database with a corresponding user interface that can be easily searched by mission designers to identify and select the appropriate electric propulsion system for their application.