Clevland State University – CSU – A

“Stardusts x Crusaders”


Clevland State University – (CSU)


Tungsten Class (2023 – 2024)


Chileshe (Chichi) Besa,
Roula Khoury,
William Levitt, Computer Science
Z Feely,



Professor:  Sanchita Mal-Sarkar
Advisor: Robert Fiske
TA: Vikas Balu


Embark on an interstellar odyssey like never before in our thrilling space adventure, “Stardusts x Crusaders”! As the daring captain and pilot of the Psyche probe, you’ll navigate the cosmos, facing an array of unpredictable crises that demand quick thinking and strategic choices. Skillfully manage resources such as fuel and energy, all while hurtling through the vast unknown towards the enigmatic Psyche asteroid. Each leg of your journey presents a unique challenge, from pulse-pounding mini-games to crucial decisions that could deplete your precious supplies. Can you keep your wits about you, overcome the cosmic chaos, and ensure your probe reaches its destination? Brace yourself for an exhilarating test of skill and strategy in “Stardusts x Crusaders” – the ultimate space odyssey where every choice counts, and the universe is yours to conquer!

This work was created in partial fulfillment of the Clevland State University Capstone Course “EEC 493”. The work is a result of the Psyche Student Collaborations component of NASA’s Psyche Mission ( “Psyche: A Journey to a Metal World” [Contract number NNM16AA09C] is part of the NASA Discovery Program mission to solar system targets. Trade names and trademarks of ASU and NASA are used in this work for identification only. Their usage does not constitute an official endorsement, either expressed or implied, by Arizona State University or National Aeronautics and Space Administration. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of ASU or NASA.