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Capstone Administration Analysis


Arizona State University (Tempe Campus)


Cobalt Class (2019 – 2020)


Mohammed Almutairi, Industrial Engineering
Nasser Almutairi, Industrial Engineering
Sadan Alsajari, Industrial Engineering
Evan Jones, Engineering Management


Dr. Joe Juarez, Lecturer, School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, ASU


As part of leading the Psyche mission, ASU has been tasked with creating opportunities for undergraduate students nationwide to get involved in the mission in various ways. One way is through Psyche capstone projects ( Psyche capstone projects are distinct in that they are not only interdisciplinary, but some are also inter-university. These unique features allow individuals from different regions, universities, and majors to work with one another, thereby reflecting the complexity and diversity of real-world space mission teams. This diversity, however, also results in increased complexity in administering the program. A team of students is documenting the current state of the program, researching improvements to the processes, and advising the Psyche team on how to implement the recommendations.